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Name£º  Clean-Paper
Type£º  Cleanroom-ProductsClean-Paper
Acess£º   3188


long fibers,high content of wood pulp,Characteristics of long fibers:the internal structure force of paper is excellent due to small diameter,long length and roughness of the fibers
paper is immerse into wet enforced agents/ antistaitic agents /special chemicals,and then gets dried to resinify the paper surface Qualitative difference from the products by surface coating processing in terms of dust
The base paper and the immersion processing use purified water in which metallic ions are filtered out (15 ppm) Each metallic ion is controlled below the baseline value

Porduct fundamental characteristics(baseline:72gsm)
Specification:297mm 210mm+2mm(A4)
Moisture content:6.5%
Various colore optional: white¡¢blue ,pink ,light green and so on




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