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Name  Cleanroom-Booties/Shoes
Type  Cleanroom-ProductsCleanroom-Booties/Shoes
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Cleanroom Booties/Shoes

Static Dissipative Shoes is the best choice for footwear in ESD sensitive
Cleanroom environment .lts outer sole can protect human and products from static discharge effectively.
Boots are designed for critical cleanroom area, attached boots-cover link
Up with garments completely, particle should be controlled strictly
Static Dissipative cold-glued shoes all material are made of PU, its
Standard have achieved GB4385-1995 of china&JIST8103:2001 of japan and
EN345 of Europe, the characteristics of shoes are style succinctly, well air ventilation and wearing comfortable.
Conductive Shoes have SUS fiber mixed PVC outer sole to Dissipate
Static discharge quickly, which is ideal for the environment where ESD issue is the major concerned. Absorbing shock from the heel with UP-to-date PVC can work for long time with less fatigue form feet.


Clean and ESD PU or PVC soles allow ligt weight and better-fit
Unique knitted methods enhance the durability
Clean nylon cloth embedded with conductive yarn is applied to the boots heighten theESD capacity
Surface resistivity:106-108/SQ
Zigzgged lower part of the sole improving the non-slpping ability




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