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Name:  Cleanroom Mop
Type:  Cleanroom-ProductsCleanroom-Mop
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Functions and features:

•This series of products have reduced the amount of labor, rapid cleaning, multi-functional advantages such as;
•Clean dust off the surface of absorbent mark, without leaving any stains, attached to the dust mop head, does not stain other places;
•Absorbency is superior, strong adhesion of dust, clean area, wear-resistant and long service life, is rag /broom/vacuum cleaner alternatives such as the excellent equipment, especially suitable for clean room use;
•Style diversification, Ke Yi select the required styles on different occasions

◇ CLN-410

* Use of Micro-denier-Wiper, not fat dust
* Light weight and convenient operation
* Super Absorbent good and detergency
* Quick-drying washable and durable
* Round screw firmly grip mop head can be very easy to handle upload or remove from the desire to replace the mop head, mop handle, do not change
* After dust mop head special treatment, vacuum equipment
* Rod length 1.4m

◇ CLN-420

* Yi Zhengpian clean cloth mop head is easy to be demolished
* Use of ultra-fine fibers for efficient dust absorption and not fat
* Super-decontamination capability
* Easy to clean high
* Comes with 10 clean, they can be frequently changed
* Point after the first dust mop handle, vacuum packaging
* Rod length 1.1m


Apply to clean industrial plants, unique anti-static function
Microfiber mop head is machine woven, not casual or off hair loss
Drag the handle to rotate 360 degrees sophisticated and flexible design, use lightweight, efficient
Ring mop head, covering an area of great
Can be washed clean each kind of
Simple, semi-open back style, easy to replace, long life
After the first special dust mop treatment, vacuum packaging
Rod length 1.3m

Super absorbent function: Experimental results show the amount of water absorbed far more than ordinary mop mop (ensure that the premise is not dripping), is several times more than ordinary mops, and super detergency
Use of PVA material, not fat dust
Wheel bolts firmly grip mop head can be very easy to upload or remove from the handle of the mop head and want to replace
After the first special dust mop treatment, vacuum packaging
Bar length 1.4 m

Use of PVA material, has a remarkable detergency and wear resistance
Function with super absorbent
Has a certain ability to withstand acid and alkali
Cleaning is very simple and convenient, long life
Glue cotton continue to be used at any time change
Long time do not use will be transferred to the hard, soft after soaking
Scalable bar length

Mop head is made of polyester fabric
Good water absorption and superior detergency
Washable, quick-drying and durable
Mop head can be cleaned by the clean to the C100




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